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Hypebeast Wallpaper
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“Hypebeast” (occasionally “hype beast”) culture is a colloquial term that at first was considered a derogatory term until the Chinese journalist and businessman Kevin Ma re-appropriated it to be used as the name of his fashion blog, Hypebeast. Even after Ma’s fashion blog expanded to a world-famous website, hypebeast still had some negative connotation in the US: namely a lack of authenticity and an interest only in following existing trends. In the UK, hypebeast is a pejorative for a hipster who appropriates designer streetwear and buys only the latest releases, in an ironic imitation of mainstream celebrities like Kanye West. Even though many people will refer to themselves as hypebeasts, taking it as a term of endearment (much like the evolution of the term otaku in Japanese popular culture) others still respond to the negative connotation.